Facebook Oauth login problem

Hello everybody,
I have a problem with implementing $cordovaOauth from ngCordova

$cordovaOauth.facebook("458765954288329", ["email", "read_stream", "user_website", "user_location", "user_relationships"]).then(function(result) {
  }, function(error) {

After pressing Facebook Login Button I got a white screen and everything stops there.
I’ve set Site URL to: http://localhost/callback
Can Anyone help with that ?

What do your logs say?


Setting the WebView's frame to {{0,0},{{320,524}}}


Thread warning ['InAppBrowser'] took .. ms. Plugin shoud use a background thread.
Request timed out.

That seems very weird.

Would you mind downloading this Facebook template I had made and trying that?:

I’ve personally tested it and it works. It might help us rule things out.


hello me is returning this error in console Can not authenticate via a web browser

This plugin will work on device only. It is incompatible with the web browser.


Hello, I’m emulating the app from my phone, and it does not work either, gives me the error warning when you place brings nothing in the response

I object returns nothing

console.log('Response Object ->' + JSON.stringify(resutl));

This error popped up out of nowhere for me.

Update: Waiting a minute or two allowed the FB login screen to appear. Not sure how to diagnose why the Facebook login screen takes so long.

It could be a mixture of things. Maybe the device is slow and can’t process the InAppBrowser in a timely fashion, or maybe Facebook is experiencing heavier load than normal and taking longer to send back the page.

hello I now get this error Could not find plugin InAppBrowser


In my case, the plugin works in the device with de app ‘Ionic View’, but if I install the .apk in my device, the plugin doesn’t work. What can happen?


hi in my app its working fine but the problem when i login fb with the developer account it works fine returns all data that i wanted. but when i login with the other user it does not return the email. i checked the app review in facebook developper console email permission is aproved by default. where is the probem? please help me