Ng-click not firing right away

This happened with 0.96 and now again with the nightlies. I have a div with ng-click that changes a variable like

show_section.allergies = !show_section.allergies

And then an ng-show for a different div which collapses and expands.

On iOS7 Safari sometimes (not always) the click doesn’t do anything until I tap somewhere else – whereupon the missed click and the new click are fired in succession.

The problem goes away when I do a setTimeout of 0ms around the click handler. It also happens if I do a console.log.

Unfortunately it’s not easy enough for me to put my whole app on a Plunker, and this behavior only happens with the mobile browser. But I just want to pass along as a heads up, not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s a bug.


Can you just post a sample of the show hide section to we know exactly what you mean? Then, I can test it inside PhoneGap locally.

Thanks, here is an excerpt of the code (not including extra libraries and data that I have on the real prototype)

Wow. I’m able to replicate this but only in the strangest way. Something similar happened to me a few months ago.

I am opening a issue on this. I’ll add some details to this in a bit.

Update : Opened Issue # 742 for this problem :