Ng-click not firing click method with single touch in IOS build

I’m building a Hybrid App using Ionic framework and Cordova. I’ve installed couple of plugins and everything is working fine in Android. When I built app for IOS using XCode and trying to test in Simulator or iPad device, I’m getting issues with touch events.

Everywhere where I supposed to touch once(ng-click), it is not firing click method. If I tap 2 times in short span immediately(probably standard 300ms delay), then able to get it fired.

We are not having any issues with functionality in IOS App except the need to double click to open any screens.

Can anybody please guide on the touch/tap issue.

I think i have the same issue. I have a <div ng-click="hideVideo()"><video></video></div>
on Android it works fine. but on iOS 9+ it is not fired.
this div is absolute positioned with a bottom of -100% and is animated to bottom 25% to be shown.

strange thing is that other ng-clicks (on buttons that are animated in as well) work fine.

I solved this using ‘on-touch’ attribute on the element.