Ng-click breaks and works randomly! HELP


for some reason, ng-clicks do not always fire on one specific page. however, when changes in the code are made and it is recompiled, they being to firing. So the ng-clicks toggle between working and not working.

Is there something running in the background in ionic that may cause this to happen for every other compile???

Any input would be much appreciated!!!



Can you provide a codepen demoing this?


Try using native ionic events


Thanks guys!

Fixed it. The problem was that we were using Firebase simple login and on the login event was being called multiple times. In the login event we were changing the state (screen). Since it was happening multiple times.

When a screen transitions, Ionic disables input. Apparently, when you transition too many times too quickly, the input is not re-enabled.

So we fixed this by changing out login structure to make sure it was not firing multiple times.

But thanks to everyone for the contributions!