Ng-click does not fire immediately

    <div class="col-33">
      <a ng-click="leavingMenuPage()" href="#/app/interview" >
        <i class="icon ion-android-person"></i>
        <p class="pFont" >Görüşme</p>
    <div class="col-33">
      <a ng-click="leavingMenuPage()"  href="#/app/appointment" >
        <i class="icon ion-android-people"></i>
        <p class="pFont">Randevular</p>

    <div  class="col-33">
      <a  href="#/app/consumers" >
        <i class="icon ion-android-car "></i>
        <p class="pFont">Müşteriler</p>

When i click on the first icon , ng-click does not fire immediately .
I have to wait for one second before it fired …
The page “#/app/interview” has an api connection so i defined the following function to start ionicLoading when i click on button :

$scope.leavingMenuPage = function(){
template: ‘Lütfen Bekleyiniz …’

This ionicLoading will be hidden ionicView.afterEnter of the page ‘#/app/interview’ .

other icons has normal behavior and when clicking on them i can go immediately to the href without any waiting (because they don’t have any connection or something like that ) .

My question how to make ionicLoading shown IMMEDIATELY when pressing on the icon that responsible to fire it ???

I hope that my English was enough to explain :slight_smile: