[Newbie Q] Is it possible to pass a var in a url ( external ) -> ionic?

my goal is to create a custom Invite Code link ( sent via email ) which would then open the IOS/Android ionic2 app …and activate the user automatically.



Take a look at branch.io - chances are your specific functionality can be coded on top of their service to do what you need (but its an external service).

Includes handling if the user being invited hasn’t got the app, and downloads it from the app store…

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On a mobile device, to redirect someone from a link to your app you have to use a so called “deeplinkg” method. Fortunately Ionic support it:


BUT this gonna only works if the user would have, before clicking the link, installed the app on his mobile device respectively a device doesn’t recognize deeplinking links as long as their respective apps aren’t installed.

So if user would have installed the app, the process would be:

  1. send link containing the invitation code
  2. user read the email and click the deep linking link, accept to open it in the app
  3. app start
  4. on app boot, catch the link url and process the invitation code

but as I said, if he didn’t have installed the app before that, you may face a medium breach…but if you find a solution I’m happy to hear it :wink:

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@reedrichards yeah - this is why Branch.io is good :slight_smile: No need for app to be installed previously for it to work! Works with Ionic 2 pretty easily

  1. User follows link
  2. If they don’t have app, they go to app store
  3. Download app to device
  4. On first run, the package of info (including all sorts of IDs etc that you can custom load with your own data) - available in the Ionic code easily

@alexb thx for the explanation, branch.io looks cool. $ 0.02 /per click (begin of 2017) might be interesting.

@reedrichards Yeah I am not going to mention prices too much here as if this thread is read in 2 years time, won’t be helpful as wont be right :slight_smile:

BUT if you go to https://branch.io/pricing/ the bit above the pricing is the key phrase (and yes I read it like you read it the first time!!)

“Branch’s Free Core Deep Linking Platform”

i.e. the guts / core stuff which you can build on top of, is NOT 0.02 per click. Its free.

However if you want to use their clever stuff on top of that, yes you can pay… but if you are an Ionic developer, you can do quite a lot of that yourself if you have time, on top of their free platform… certainly I have!

I added the date to my post you are right :wink:

cool to know the core is free, but op want to send activation code thru email, so I guess he would have to choose the option “Deep Linked Emails” which is not part of the core…anyway free or not, this is a valid solution possibility