Is it possible to start an app from a link?

Hello there,

at the moment I research the possibility to start an Ionic app from a link.

What I mean by this is that:

At my workplace, I get per email a request to accept or decline an order.
In this email, there is a link, which guides me to our Web page. There I can then accept the order.

And at the moment there is a trainee at my office, who works on an Ionic 2 App to change this process from the Web page to an App.

Now I would like to know if it’s possible to click on the link in my email, and then instead of the web page, the app opens to the right place.

Thank you in advance

I would like to know an answer too

Yep it’s called deep linking

Blog post of Ionic:

Ionic-Cordova plugin:

Practical example:

If you’ve got my app, FLUSTER and an account, if you go there and click Open the ad on your phone, you gonna land in my app on the selected item

P.S.: Two side notes:

  1. Sometimes on the forum when you see post about deep linking it is not meant this subject but the routing/linking of the app itself, always pay attention that someone is speaking about that plugin

  2. It take maybe a little bit more than just one hour to be implemented, not complicated but there are some steps to do :wink:


@nicolas_hie just a third side notes

  1. This deep linking only works if the user already have installed the app. Don’t except that if the user doesn’t have the app installed, he will be automatically forwarded to the app/play store. If you would like such a scheme, it is possible, but you would have to subscribe to a not free services to do so, I didn’t find any other solutions (there are providers providing such functionalities, you would then have to pay a price pro x forwarding, something like that)
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this is no problem.

It’s save to say in my condition, the app is surely installed.

thank you :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your answer, can I know whether the deeplink is working if my app apk installed on phone (localhost)?