How to open an external link in ionic inappbrowser app (Android & iOS)

Hi Developers,

I have an in-app browser app and now when I try to open the link from an email, it is opening the browser instead of the mobile app. Can someone help me with this issue, please?

You are using the incorrect plugin to open email links. You need to be using: Deeplinks | Ionic Deeplink Plugin on iOS and Android Apps

I shouldn’t use the Deeplink concept. I tried doing it with intent-filters in AndroidMainfest.xml, but not working as expected. Do you have any idea?

The deeplink plugin seems what you need to achieve your outcome. in-app browser will not work. The deep link is your best bet. How else would the clickable link would know how to open the app then forward to in app browser? So deeplinking is a MUST.

I tried it using the intent filters in AndroidMainfest.xml. But it has an issue it is just opening the app instead of navigating to the URL I need.

If clicking the link opens your app, that’s half of the job done! All you have left to do is: if app is opened via the deeplink, open the corresponding page (be it in the app itself, in the in-app browser or however you need).