New Website Up!

Hey guys and gals!

We just updated some of our website’s design, which is the first of many changes on the way for it. Our goal with this update is to show off a bit more of what you can build, so we will be swapping out different demos in the phone cases on the right. We’d love to get your feedback on it.


Looking good!

My first note: it seems like the newsletter sign-up isn’t working at the moment (using the latest Chrome on the latest OSX)

Edit; second note:
Make the footer stick to the bottom. I’ve got a 30" screen and I see a lot of whitespace under the footer. I know my screen ain’t the ‘average size’ but it still is uglyish :wink:

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Looks good!

I just found a minor glitch, if you click the Get Started button and then use the browser back to go back, a white gap appears under the footer. Anyway, good job!

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@Robin @uniring Thanks for the feedback! We are aware of the white space that occasionally appears below the footer, but we haven’t figured out what’s causing it! That darn white space just won’t give us a break. My hunch is it has something to do the social/share icons right above the footer…

There always has to be something that keeps us busy…

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The subscribe button (for the latest ionic news) does not seem to work. Hitting enter worked though.

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Thanks for the heads up @johndoe. Fixed!

The CSS for the github and twitter links needs to be adjusted a bit(I’m on Windows 8, Google Chrome). Just that, rest looks awesome.

Hey @KazekageGaara, I think you might need to do a hard refresh or something. That’s definitely the old site still loading!

Hey have you done a hard refresh, or tried clearing your cache? Just pulled it up on Windows 8 and Chrome and it looks fine for me.

looking good. more of a professional/software feel to it

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@Ben @tim yup, it was cached. Now it really looks cool! Kudos to your designer.

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Thanks @KazekageGaara!