New to Ionic. How to open Ionic project (Is there any editor like eclipse?)

Hello All, I am new to ionic. I installed and followed all the steps mention guide at ionicframeowrk,com. I am able to create,build,run sample application using command prompt. I mean

  1. npm install -g cordova
  2. npm install -g ionic
  3. ionic start hello
  4. ionic platform android
  5. ionic build android
  6. ionic emulate android

I am able to run all the above. Now I want to open my sample project and do some modifications. How to open this ionic project? (Like how we open *.cdproj in VS)

Any help will be appreciated.

Hi mrvamsidhar,

All your app related files are in the WWW folder. You can edit your app files from that directory and also you can use any text editors ( Eg. Sublime text , Webstorm etc …) to edit the source code.

Hope this helps.

So is there an editor where i can open these files? Is it possible to open this ionic project like how we open an C# application in Visual studio?

I want to open this ionic project and able to make changes, So how can i open this project?

They’re just a bunch of web related files, which will be on your computer where you created the project.

Any editor can open them, like:

However, are you on about an IDE like I imagine C# would have? They don’t really exist for web files, since these editors above have loads of plugins you can use to help speed stuff up…

Netbeans is an IDE for this though:

If thats massively nooby to you, sorry, but I’m not sure what you mean!

Yes. That is exactly what I am asking for. I am looking for some IDE where i can open this ionic project. So is there any IDE where I can open this project? So normally what Editor you use to make changes in your project?

I have used Aptana Studio 3 which I really liked until I found WebStorm.

Webstorm 8.0 just came out today and is offering a free 30 day trial.


now it is possible to open any Cordova-compatible CLI created project in Visual Studio.


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You can edit files with notepad plus too. Or else create project with visual studio with installing template you like from visual studio galley for ionic.
Build your project test on emulator or device right from your studio.

Hello! I am trying to open an existing proyect develop on ionic. But now I am trying to open it in Visual Studio Community But I haven’t been able to find the dependencies neither the correct files. I hope you can help me.