How to open the coding terminal from CLI tools?

Hi There,

I am pretty much new here. Am trying to build my first app, and here is a roadblock I have hit. I wish to know how to open the CLI coding window, where I can find the app.js, css folders etc.

  1. I have installed cordova
  2. Installed ionic cli
  3. exported my project from ionic creator into www directory
  4. I am in a Windows 7 environment.
  5. I have ionic lab setup done.

Where am I stuck?

I wanna open the coding screen, where I can go write my controllers.

Need you guys help on this…

Seems like i got it myself.

We just need an editor and I think Sublime 3 is the best one which I saw used by the pro’s.

For everyone else, go download it from here:

i think you can also use githubs atom editor (it is a little bit more newbie friendly because of gui package manager).
For “pro”-users sublime is the texteditor to go with. If you want a big IDE you can use Webstorm or PhpStorm.

And many of you won’t believe it, but there is a really good and growing webdev editor from visual studios - it is called visual studio code