How to import an existing ionic source Visual Studio?

Hi Guys

I got someone to make me a hybrid app using “Ionic Framework” few weeks back. They supplied the source and the app. Now I am not able to track him down and was wounding hoe I could open this in Visual Studio 2017.

I have setup VS 2017 with Apache Cordova and Ionic Framework Template, but not sure how to import that source and am not sure what it was made in. It has all the folders including the "“www” in the source zip file he provided.

I appreciate any help in advance.


  1. You can use Microsoft Visual Studio Code

  2. Download NodeJs (for npm)

  3. Download git (or any kind)
    3.1 Optional -> reboot your computer

  4. Open ‘git bash’ and run:
    npm i -g ionic cordova
    This will install ionic and cordova on your computer

  5. Navigate to your project folder in the git cli, then run:
    npm i
    This will install all the dependencies.

  6. Run your ‘app’ (in git cli agian) with:
    ionic serve

  7. When done compiling your browser will open, if not, open it yourself and navigate to the url displayed in the console output

This is kind of the basic steps to start developing with the Ionic framework (for existing project). Your project may use other dependencies etc. That’s up to you to fix.

Thank you for your help/steps, appreciated. I have setup Visual Studio 2017 Community version, with Cordova and Ionic Template setup already. What I am interested in and was not able to import/open the source file I have to edit in Visual Studio.