New to Ionic and Hybrid Technologies

Hi! I’m new to Ionic and the Hybrid development approach. For the last few years, I have been writing and for a period of time teaching native app development for iOS with Swift, Objective-C, SDKs, UIKit etc. and I really find the enjoyable and the APIs are very expressive and powerful. One of my colleagues mentioned Electron JS which led me to Ionic!

The use cases of apps that I work with center around

  • Graphics Intensive apps for 3D anatomy and medical that work with STLs
  • Web Services, eCommerce, and Customer service
  • Apps for education
  • Apps that work with hardware such as Bluetooth medical devices

I just wanted to get some thoughts from the Ionic community. Usually people that you talk to get very emotional and hardcore about hybrid vs. native and that’s something I don’t want… I want to understand the good and bad points from experienced developers on both sides of the aisles… we have our favorites, I certainly favor native, but I’m open to ideas!