Wondering what to do with my Ionic App or if it was the right choice

Hi Everyone,

I recently joined a company that is producing an App for Dementia.
We have the app nearly 90% according to the developers.
I am not a coder, nor do I have experience with it, so that is why I ask you all here. I have researched the differences, but still am not sure how that fully applies today. I have also searched the forums and found some slightly relevant answers, but have more specific questions, so I hope you do not mind me asking.

Aspects of our app are as follows:

  • A Pre-diagnosis contains a questionnaire and tests that are based off traditional dementia tests and visualisations.
  • The post-diagnosis includes a video chat that connects users with a nurse and Doctor via a video call feature.
  • The Risk-reduction includes brain training and other activites that are similar to MindMate.

The developers have self coded the video feature, which I do not totally understand why. I guess so that they did not have to license it from someone else.
Other than that its been done in AngularJS.

To me it feels like it would have been best to have done this all Natively, but seeing as this is an ionic framework forum, I would really like some thoughts and opinions on this.

The app, does feel sluggish and after having second opinions on the code from other developers, they also said the code was much too complicated and for the amount we have spent and the time it took (6 months).
We have issues with video sometimes not connecting and also times with the app itself sometimes having connection issues.

I wonder if this is more an issue of the developers code?
Is it also a mix of Ionic?
Should we have done Native from the beginning?

Well this probably isn’t the place for an unbiased answer to this question, but nothing you have mentioned is systemic to Ionic, though details are light. There’s most likely room for improvement with the codebase.

I personally don’t see any benefit to doing it in Native. You can write poor performing code in any language you want :wink:
Only if you want to do have it work for iOS and Android, then you get the pleasure of doing it twice…

What further details would help your assessment?
Aside from provide the code, which I cannot really do. :sweat_smile:

Even the facebook’s first app was done in hybrid way. So if you face any issue or sluggishness it is not directly the result of angular or hybrid. But I do agree it may not give the feel as that of native. If you s explain what is the reason because of which you went for hybrid app rather than native, I can tell was it good option or not.

Well it’s not really an assessment, I couldn’t do an assessment without the code anyway. But what you’ve said - that it’s an app that does a quiz-like feature, some puzzles, and video - nothing there raises any red flags. Connection issues (connecting to what?) - hard to say, but it could be in the app or reliability of external APIs, the homebrew video stuff.

Or it could be that the developers have been pressured to get features in as fast as possible, so it works, but maybe isn’t implemented as well as it should due to time crunch. Maybe this is a new environment for the devs? Is this a competent in-house team or a cheap-as-you-can-find offshore outsourced team?
There’s really no silver bullet/way to diagnose on hypotheticals, but I’m pretty confident the hybrid vs native decision isn’t the root cause.

What is your role with the app, team and company then?
(Just for context)

AngularJS (and Ionic v1) or Angular (and Ionic 2+)? This makes a very big difference.
Can you get one of the devs to run ionic info in their command line in the project so we get all relevant version numbers?

That is hard to answer.

The listed “requirements” (questionnaire, video chat, simple “games”) seem absolutely fine for an Ionic app in general. No reason why this shouldn’t work.

That is a very general statement. What exactly is sluggish? How does it manifest? How are you testing?

From my experience as a engineering (software developer) manager it is very hard to find developers that won’t bash other developers’ code in such a situation. Especially if they feel you are coming with a loaded question.

I am sure a lot of the time spent wasn’t spent with “I’ll just code these 3 features” but more with “What do we want to build? How should it work? What you want is not a useful concept/structure/ui pattern/…”. If one assesses the work ignoring this, and this tends to happen in these situations, the verdict is never good.

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