Are Ionic apps native or hybirid?

Sorry for the weird question. Some months back when i checked, Ionic used to make Hybrid mobile apps - that run on Android & iOs (and possibly other platforms).

…now the title of the website says “native apps”. What exactly does Ionic make? And how does it compare with something like NativeScript?


I was confused before(Hopefully not now).

As I know, usually “Native Apps” means building apps using “Native code” with “Native IDE”, like Android Studio / Objective C+XCode.

“Hybrid” gave me a meaning that “one code for many platforms”.

For my own sense, ionic = hybird app, you should know why.

That’s the mean of hybrid, but it’s the begining :wink:

The “hybrid” on Ionic v1.x means you’re creating a WebApp that runs on a native container (like its own navigator). So you’re mixing concepts of WebApps and Native Apps.

Telerik’s NativeScript solves this problem by creating a compiler that could convert Angular to bytecode (or something like it), so the theory says NS it’s native code.

I supposse Ionic v3 can do the same thing, because in my experience, Ionic v2 isn’t native yet.

Read this blog post by Ionic member Max Lynch. I think this should clear out your confusion:

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Great! Thanks for clearing my misunderstanding!