New ionic-audio module

I’ve been working on a project that involves media streaming from the cloud (Amazon). After messing with the Cordova Media plugin for over a month, I finally decided to create a proper module to encapsulate audio playback in Cordova/Ionic and create some UI that interfaces with the Media API.
The result is this module I recently published. Check it out if you are interested:

Since this depends on the Cordova Media plugin, a device is needed to test playback. There are demos provided however so you can see what the UI looks like.


Works like charm! Brilliant work!!

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Hi, nice work with the plugin…I only have one issue, when it streams songs, lets say from an external api, is there a way to give the user visual cues about the download progress.

I noticed forwarding the seek bar when the entire music isn’t available can be a bad user experience.

Nice work though.

Hi @frankdupree
The download feature is not implemented. This plugin simply uses HTML audio or Cordova Media plugin as the audio provider.

Okay got it, do you have any idea if your plugin can be used as a streaming service, that’s the functionality i’m trying to achieve. Thanks

It depends on the audio format. I heard some people complain about that. It seems that you need a m3u playlist for Cordova media to work. HTML audio should support streaming.