Streaming audio problems

Are there really no current plugins for media streaming?? there are some suggestions in the docs and some cordova plugins. but most are obsolete and not working now…

If anyone has made a audio streaming app lately please tell me what you used! :slight_smile:

Not streaming specifically, but for just audio playing (mp3 files from a external URL), I ended up creating my own internal Capacitor plugin after trying many different options and searching far and wide for an existing solution that is maintained.

I first tried the standard HTML5 audio tag with the plyr package. However, I needed to play audio with background music and iOS doesn’t allow you to control the volume of the background music with HTML5. There were also some issues playing in the background.

I tried several existing Capacitor/Cordova plugins but all them either didn’t fit my needs or had issues. One issue was not handling interruptions as needed.

sounds a bit like a difficult solve…
I am maintaining a radio streaming app so i also need background, and the funny thing is that my app was working fine earlier and suddenly would not output any sound even while connecting to the stream.
I have tried going back to the commit from my last app store update as well but it has the same problem…
This leads me to suspect that some new changes have been made from apple that somehow block the sound.

What is the app currently using?