Ionic-audio module released


Hi everyone!

I’ve been working on a project that involves media streaming from the cloud (Amazon). After messing with the Cordova Media plugin for over a month, I finally decided to create a proper module to encapsulate audio playback in Cordova/Ionic and create some UI that interfaces with the Media API.
The result is this module I recently published. Check it out if you are interested:

Since this depends on the Cordova Media plugin, a device is needed to test playback. There are demos provided however so you can see what the UI looks like.


Thanks for this - it’s really nice and working great with no issues (even on iOS).

I have a question though: is there anyway to adjust the width of the so that multiple tracks appear on the same line?

I have managed to edit the width of the tracks using a style=“width=200px” html attribute, but haven’t managed to get them to appear on the same line.

CodePen of what I’m trying here:


It seems to work now :smile:

Try this:


Perfect! I definitely need to work on my CSS skills…