Audio Streaming Question

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around ideas and I just want to make sure I have this right.

I’m working on a podcast app that I’ll have some articles to read as well, so I figured fetching json data from Wordpress was the easiest solution. I have the articles coming in, but now running into my problem: the audio streaming. I’d rather have the user stream updated audio with the option of downloading it for later. So this tosses out putting in manual mp3 data within a controller and since I’ll have a link within a post saying “Click Here to Listen” to that specific date, I think my conclusion is this:

There is no possible way to handle this through ionic and angularJS, correct? I would basically have to use a wordpress plugin that uses a HTML5 responsive audio player that’ll open within the app once that “Listen” button is clicked. At least that’s what I’m thinking.

Am I correct in that this is the only possible solution?

It’s interesting you brought this up as I’m also developing an audio app with article data ( excluding offline save). My approach is to use wordpress’s media manager to add MP3 file and then access the file through the JSON API for Wordpress. Wordpress already has a html player for audio files leaving you with the only task of developing one via ionic/angular/Cordova using the url from your JSON.

If you have more than one podcast per post the API should be able to export that as a loopable array for you to iterate.

Let me know if his helps

Yeah, though I wanted the audio player to be “full screen” with that effect of a blur background and “artist” image in the middle, if that makes sense. I found some WP widgets, but not sure if that would really work within the ionic app.

Yes it does make sense. My advice would be.

Doing it in ionic is very possible. but you’re going to have to build it yourself. Or get a music app starter with the views

  1. If you must use wordpress:
    Try and see if you can access custom fields via the the Wordpress API (or use the core features of wordpress posts). If you can do that, you can populate the custom fields with values such as where to fetch your mp3s and the meta data (though you would have to do this manually)

  2. Or Use the API of a music specific service.

Do you have any idea how ShortOrange podcast player app was created? It looks like what I want, somewhat, except I want only my ‘feed’. I don’t have an ios device so I’m not sure if you have to download it before playing or if it streams.

Hey Mark - Are you still working on the podcast app?

Yeah, trying to at least haha. Not getting much anywhere.

i also have some problems regarding podcast, i found a way to create podcast using soundcloud but i want to do this using firebase have any solution on this?

I am trying to add audio streaming player automatically. When the app is open, the radio player should play. Do you know how can I do that in ionic 4?

I followed this example