[New Feature] NFC support for iOS in @ionic-native/nfc

With iOS 11 Apple opened the NFC chip for third party applications. The phonegap-nfc plugin already supports iOS and added two additional functions ( nfc.beginSession(success, failure) and nfc.invalidateSession(success, failure) ).
I’m proposing that these should be implemented in the @ionic-native/nfc module so people can use NFC for iOS with ionic.

Alternatively, does anyone know how to use NFC on iOS with an Ionic 3 application?


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Great idea. File a change request to the support team, otherwise I don’t think there will any action taken



Actually, Ionic Native is mainly community maintained. The Ionic team doesn’t work on it that much, people like you and me can contribute themselves.

You should create an issue at https://github.com/ionic-team/ionic-native/issues or even better submit a PR at this repository to add this functionality.

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I actually added the missing functions myself and send a pull request. I think it’s currently being reviewed. If someone’s interested you can find it here: