About NFC.....!

Hai Friends…

Please help how to use NFC read and write using Ionic framework and angular js…?
Please guys share any reference link…

Go here: http://www.gajotres.net/a-comprehensive-list-of-ionic-starter-apps/ and look for chapter 15: Ionic NFC Reader

It’s the Ionic + NFC starter app

Thanks Gajotres…

Hai Gajotres…

How to use NFC for ios app? Please give any idea…

You can’t, iOS NFC is limited to only Apple Pay.

Do u mean, we can’t use cordova NFC Plugin for IOS except the payments?
if correct,how to use in ionic framework for ios app?

You can’t use it at all, iOS don’t have publically available API for NFC access. Maybe with iOS 9, but just maybe.

NFC plugin can only be used with Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry

No Cordova NFC plugin for ios.is Correct?

Yes. Just read plugin instructions, everything is written there.

Okay thanks Gajotres.