Ionic and NFC

Please help, how to use NFC read and write using Ionic framework and angular js for android and iOS, is it possible?

I follow tutorials like
But “cordova plugin add com.chariotsolutions.nfc.plugin” return an error "Error: Registry returned 404 for GET on

Nowadays it is posible to manage NFC with ionic in android and iOS?


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this seems to be only a phonegap plugin.

I tested this loooong time ago with phonegap and it worked.

iBeacon for iOS and nfc for Android

phonegap plugin has a “sample project” in his documentation.
That sample project use “$ cordova plugin add com.chariotsolutions.nfc.plugin” and that return error in console…

Then… how can i use the plugin in Ionic? Is there any tutorial or similar?

@b1x1t0 Did you find a way to use NFC with Ionic? I want to use it with v2 version. Thanks!