New beta user service

According to the beta migration doc

"Ionic.User now requires the implementation of Ionic.Auth into your application."

Why has this been introduced? We have an angular app which uses a custom oauth implementation using cordova’s inappbrowser. As such we do not have an email or password to associate to the current user. In the previous version I could arbitrarily create new users based on our unique ID for that user. Is there no supported way for this in the new service?

I can see that you have added the ability to create “custom authentication” but this requires a new backend to be written which supports json web tokens We have an existing oauth server which serves this purpose fine.

Is this an oversight in development of the new service? Were you unfamiliar with this use case previously? I hope that there is a way around this that i’ve missed but i fear the ionic user service in it’s current form is not suitable for us.


New “Custom Authentication” providers require the inappbrowser cordova plugin (

Without this plugin, making a call to Ionic.Auth.login results in an error:

Ionic.Auth.login('custom').then(undefined, function (err) { console.log(err) })
> Missing InAppBrowser plugin

As far as i know, the inappbrowser plugin is only defined when the app is run on an actual device, and never from within a desktop browser. So the new user custom auth can never be used from within a desktop browser? InAppBrowser overwrites so should in theory still be workable in that environment? I’ve successfully implemented an oauth login flow using as an alternative.