New beta platform User authentification

I hope I misunderstood the changes in the new beta of platform.
As far as I understand is Ionic forcing users of an app to register with emailadres and password.
I have an app where users don’t need to register. How can I authenticate users for

What happens (not) if I don’t authenticate users for

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Can you clarify a bit what you think user auth is required for? It isn’t required for push or analytics.

I hope we get an answer from the Iomic team soon. Since the beta I can not make push working again in my app. Maybe this is because I removed User in my app.

@mhartington I hope that the Ionic team just clarify this issue:

  • What happens (or happens not) if you don’t use the Ionic User Service?
  • Can you use the Ionic push service if you don’t use Ionic User Service?
  • What do you miss in Ionic Analytics if you don’t use the Ionic User Service?
  • What else isnt working without Ionic User Service