Push notification error with user registration

Hi everyone!

Since the last two days i’ve been dealing with the next error on my app specifically when is trying to register a user with token (for receive push notifications):

https://apps.ionic.io/api/v1/app/MY_IONIC_ID_APP/users/identify Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (FORBIDDEN)

Ionic User: Error: Request Failed with status code of 403(…).

Anyone is dealing with the samer error…or can tell me something about it…

I supose somethig is happening with ionic api, knowing push notifications is a beta service that is under continuous developing and improvement.

Thanks in advance to anyone could give me some point about it!


same problem
do u found any solution ?


Hi I’m having the same issue, do you have a solution???


Hey!! Im dealing with it since yesterday…

My conclusion is that the ionic services have been under modifications and now for user registrations againts this servicies, in my case push notifications, we need to make use of Authentication.

Read this post:

For now i have not been able to Authenticate user before save… I can’t make use of Ionic.Auth.signup because Auth is undefined in my case…:confused:

Im still working on it…any news i will post in here.


About this issue:

I think the key it’s finally in user changes and deploy changes topics of this ionic article:


User API has suffer changes and some methods are now deprecated and User now has to be used with Athentication service.

Let me know if you have some trouble with it!!

Hope you help :wink:

Let me know if you have some trouble with it!!

Can you show your code for migraton use?

404 error : "Ooops. The page you’re looking for got lost in space."
I think it’s not working at all, let’s move to another push notifications server :smiley: