Nested view in IONIC


i am trying to build nested view in ionic similar to what we have in tabs example but without tabs.

basically when the app opens it will show the dashboard without tab.
and i will put the other links i.e. chat and account in a side menu.

when i open each of those it should open in it’s own nav-view and should have own view history similar to how ion-tab example works.

i have created a plunker for this-

as you can see it’s not working as i wanted-

  1. when i click chats button, it does not open chats view. notice the title changes but it does not show the chats view.
  2. when toggling between the sibling views i.e. dash to chat or chat to dash, the back button should not be enabled. if withing the sibling i have child views and navigating between them should show the back button.

please help.



please help me on this. i am stuck here.



first i will code nested views very different of what you did

but i don’t now what u goal…

so for easy fix
just change the name of nav view to tab-dash

.state('tab.chats', {
  url: '/chats',
  views: {
  **  'tab-dash': {**
      templateUrl: 'tab-chats.html',
      controller: 'ChatsCtrl'

thanks for the reply.
but i am trying to open the chats in a new parent view for chats.

i am trying to have an UI something like AMAZON app.
so all the tabs would be in the side menu and when i click them it should invoke a parent view of it’s own and in that when i click links it would be child to that parent view.

using tab-dash would open the chats view in the tab-dash parent view only.

do you have otherwise some other better way to accomplish this?