Tab view with nested tab and child view

Hi all,
I have an app based on the tab starter template. Inside the first tab I have another tab view with two tabs on top. These two tabs have a list of clickable items that go on a detail child view. The actual behavior is this:

I click on the first bottom tab => I get the view of the first top tab with the list => I click on an item and I go in the detail view => I click on the second bottom tab => I re-click on the first bottom tab and I get the list view instead of the previous detail view

The normal behavior of the default tab app is that if I click on chat tab and then on a single chat I get the detail view. If I switch tab and then reclick on the chat tab I get the chat detail and not the list. This is what I have to do in my app. Is it possibile to do with a nested tab view?

Writing a plnkr is a bit difficult so I’ve attached a swf, my goal is that when a user click on the first tab he get the last detail item he viewed and not the list SWF