3 level nested views, a tab navigation within one of the side menu item

hi, i see many examples out there combining the tab navigation & side menu navigation together, but most of them are not nested, in my case, i’d like to implement a tab navigation inside one of the side menu navigation only, however, i’ve been trying for days but still cannot figure it out, here’s my pen: http://codepen.io/auching/pen/vyzJg

any help would be much appreciated! thx.

Problem was you weren’t navigating correctly,

Your side-menu link was
<a href="#/event/check-in" class="item" nav-clear menu-close>Check-in</a>

Instead of
<a href="#/event/check-in/home1" class="item" nav-clear menu-close>Check-in</ a>

thanks a lot! but i have the ‘history & transition lost’ issue described here:

they said the problem is fixed but their link is broken, could you kindly advise the solution, thank you so much.

more detailed description on the issue: https://github.com/driftyco/ionic/issues/612

This is because you have nav-clear on the links in the side-menu, which clears the history.
Removing them resolves the issue.

the nav-clear only takes effect when i click on the side-menus, i mean when i click the content under tab pages, here’s my pen that reproduces the problem:

@auching Have you found a solution for that? I’m struggling with the same problem, if i have a Button in a a other tab-view like tab.dash (view tab-dash) which navigates for example to tab.account.edit (view tab-account) the history is not getting updated and I’m not getting an back button.

If I have the sampe button in tab.account state (view tab-account) it works. It seams to be a problem if you are navigating between different tab views.

now my solution is saving the tab state in cache on my own