I do not have mac and iphone

Hi Everyone,

Can I create apps for iPhones without having a mac and an iphone?

I am a developer that have a windows laptop and android smartphone. Ionic is a great framework, its great advantage is that it pulls apps for both operating systems and is the biggest reason for a customer to be encouraged to use ionic.

I hope there is a way, thanks in advance.

You can use Ionic Package to remove the need for a Mac for development, but you will at least need some kind of iOS device for testing at some point. Theoretically, you could just build the application without ever testing it on an iOS device but that’s probably not a great idea.

You might also want to look at a service like MacinCloud for when you’re ready to test/build your iOS app.

Yeah, you have a big reason. So I need at least an iphone. Thanks for responde.

Thanks Andrew, It is a nice service, i will use it. Regards.