Need your help!

Hi guys !

I need your help because I’m lost in the jungle of tutorials I find on internet…
I mean, I want to create a real time chat app, with user authentication, and geolocation ( a bit like a dating app ) but I have many questions…

I saw a lot of ways : firebase, CouchDB, MySQL, SQLite, Parse, etc… But I don’t know how to use it, each one look looks to have a different aim…

What would you advise me please ??


Without being expert… I can say the following (and anyone feel free to correct me).

Firebase can be used for the real-time chat, since I understand that it allow for ‘pushing’ changes to the clients.

For more ‘permanent’ storage of user information, locations history etc. for storing in the backend, then you go for MySQL, MS-SQL, or whatever db the backend platform offers.

I think CouchDB and SQLite are used mainly for storing SLQ-based information in the front-end (mobile). Not for heavy backend use.

But a more experience fellow Ionite might be able to offer more valuable advice.


Okay ! Thanks for your answer :smile: But I’ll wait for, like you said, a more experienced answer :wink: