Database for my Ionic app

I’ve wonder what database you guys recommended for my Ionic app?
Can I use SQL Sever, or anything else you guys think?
Should I use cloud as Azure and what are my other options for hosting my data?

I’ve also want to know where I can get some tutorials about Ionic and database connection.

Thank you!

It does not really matter as it is on the server behind your REST API unless you plan to synchronize a mobile database with it.

Got it for the database part but does it matter if I need to have chat in my app?


It doesn’t really matter, you can build your backend with whatever it is you feel comfortable with, you just need to make sure to build an API REST.

Ionic is going to connect to your API to interact with your database.

If you want to try a chat app you could take a look at it is a Backend as a Service with real time data push, really easy to build a chat with that one.

Yes, I’ve heard about Firebase but I have more questions if you don’t mind.

Is Firebase good only for chat or it also good for saving my data?
Is Firebase the same as Azure Mobile Service or it totally different?

Thanks again!

Firebase allows for realtime updates without having to perform http calls to check for updates, i.e. as soon as your database is updated i.e. with a new message on chat your client side will update without the need for a interval http call to check. It falls down for things where you need server side security such as masking location etc, you could combine with to get the best of both worlds i.e. all secure business logic and secure functions done in parse cloud code and use firebase to take care of realtime data syncing which parse does not offer.

So if I’m using Firebase for my real time updates (chat) I will also need to use some other things as well such as

Do Azure also provide real time updates?

Thanks again!

Not sure about Azure. It depends if you have business logic you need to have hidden, javascript functions you wish to execute non client side for security and if you want to hide coordinates. Lets say in the case of public coordinates such as bank, shop etc these are public knowledge and geo-fire would suffice. Conversely you might have user coordinates which you don’t want available to clients for their security and as such you would need to return distance from user rather than the coordinates, this would need parse cloud or some other server to handle. The same for birthdate to get age etc.