Choosing a backend database

I am trying to decide on a backend for my app. Im building it for a fourth year project and hoping to release it at the end of the college year.

My use case is as follows

  • The app will mostly run in the background triggering events at a given time, these events will generate data to be recorded. e.g. every tuesday I generate a set of text and the user can contribute to that or leave it
  • The app must store the data locally with the option of synching to a cloud db through a subscription
  • The app should work with a fitbit and store that information
  • I would prefer to just sync the changes to an object
  • I want to store images & video aswell
  • I also want to delete information off the phone without deleting from the db to conserve local storage
  • I will also be accessing said database from a website

My research had led me to using firebase becaise of its easy to use link ins with Ionic. However its abilities in offline mode have me a bit wary.Other than that I have been looking around at the likes of Backand & recently pouchDB. However I know very little about the other two so I thought I would post here looking for some advice or prior experiences with this kind of application.

so if i read your requirements couchdb should be one of your favs for this project.

PouchDB is a ClientSide wrapper for the dbs CouchDB --> so you have CouchDB at your backend (i would prefer it - but there is already a PouchDB server as node module) and you are using PouchDB in your app. With PouchDB syncing is very easy, but in your case you need to add a little bit logic to be able to remove everything on clientside without effecting the real db.

You can also store any kind of data in a PouchDB:

Hi Bengtler,

Thanks for the recommendation. I am currently looking into pouchDB and couchDB. Do you have any recommendations for getting started with the two? Or any tips/things to avoid?

nope nothing special ^^.

Play a little bit around with it --> try and error.

If something is unclear or you have problems feel free to ask.