Firebase storage on Ionic 4

Hey guys, I need some advice on where to store my information. Basically, I am building an essay app for my school to be published on the app/play store soon.

The thing is where can I store my essays and display it through my ionic 4 application?

Many people advise me to use firebase hence here comes another question, should I use realtime database or cloud firebase to store my essays?

Or is there another way to store my essays and display it on my app?

Please assist. Thank you so much :slight_smile:


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Realtime database in firebase in best but cloud firebase is new. And maybe will use in the future most. So you should use cloud firebase

Alright, noted. Sorry for asking but do you have any idea on how I can store my essays and display it to my ionic 4 app?

You can install firebase package in your project via npm and start using it. if you need more help about then message me and I will personally help you.

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I have a similar project with 5 pages of PDF applications along with Personal info for people we are keeping track of. I choose Firebase for this as it has a separate Database and Storage sections. No matter what File Format (mine are PDFs) you have, you can store the files on Storage. You can upload right on the Firebase Console or at a command line with their gsutil command:

gsutil -m acl ch -r -u gs://<your-cloud-storage-bucket>

// Get a non-default Storage bucket
var storage ="gs://my-custom-bucket");

So we already have the tools to deal with Storage files built-in to Firebase.

Hi, thank you so much for responding. May I know after uploading the PDFs in your firebase storage, how do you display (link) it in your ionic 4 app?


Web sdk:

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The docs are in PDF format, which we all know to be unilaterally available to all. The client wanted a horizontal “slide show” of those PDF docs. I was working with Ionic’s ion-slide as I have done on other projects. I have NOT (yet) been able to use any PDF utility inside of the component. I have not given up on that and also looking at showing a single PDF with Back and Fwd buttons. I have been working with the ng2-pdf which I know works fine for displaying single PDF. Not done with this subject.

Alright, I will try this method out later and see whether it works. Thank you

Noted, hope for the best :slight_smile: