[Need comments] Best practices of using Ionic Deploy Service


I am reading and implementing Ionic deploy service according to http://docs.ionic.io/services/deploy/

Though hot deploy works now, I still have several questions:

  1. Each snapshot is stored in users’ device and can be listed down by this.deploy.getSnapshots(),.
    I bet the old snapshots shall be removed after new one is successfully installed, right?
    How can I know which one is the newest and in active status so others can be deleted?

  2. How to use “active channel” in a real case? For users who install the app from play store or app store,
    they all have the same code base. How would I define portions of users will use “Dev” as the active channel?
    I am really confused with this…

  3. Binary Versioning. I didnt find where it is in Ionic service page. Is it defined by developer and bundled with each snapshot?
    could you give me a example scenario how binary versioning can be useful?


I stopped using deploy after having a lot of issues with it. Sometimes the binary version wouldnt work as its suppose to

What kinda issue have you encountered?

Always need to go through app store seems a bad idea too :frowning:

Login at apps.ionic.io → App → Deploy → Edit on a Deploy → Versioning. Here you have the inputs. This allows you define that a build is only applied for e.g. native versions that include a plugin that is used in the .ts code (minimum); that a deploy is not prompted to install again as it is the one in a native app build (equivalent); that a deploy is only downloaded and used for and old binary app, for example to force them to upgrade by removing the actual app and only showing an update link to the store (maximum).

Docs here: Documentation - Ionic Documentation

Thanks, I was puzzled on this part and now get it!

One more question that answer is not there in the doc:
Can I specify these three values in ionic upload in CMD? Or I have to halt the deploy and go to apps.ionic.io to insert before pushing to users?

Only metadata can be submitted using the CLI for now, was added recently.

Here is an issue for versioning information upload:

So for now, use the web UI.

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