Ionic Deploy - How to delete a snapshot?


Hi guys,

I have a quick question, How can I delete (if its possible) a snapshot from Ionic dashboard ?

Please check out the following image for reference:



Normally you revert to the previous one. I am not sure if you can actually remove uploads/snapshots.


How can i revert the current one ? I uploaded 1 snapshot for testing, and now every time I open the app is sending me to update with that one… I want to avoid this… I even tried with the versioning but it is not working… Is there a way to set a version using the $ionicCloudProvider for my app ? I set the snapshot to a smaller version than the one I have in the config.xml but it’s updating any way… Am I doing it right ?


Ok, if you only have 1 then this is not possible - you have to have one active I think.

What you should do is a) set the “binary version - Equivalent” to the version you are developing so it knows that it doesn’t have to download this snapshot for this version of the app or b) make the “binary version - Maximum” smaller than the version you are developing right now, so it know the snapshot you have is too “old” to be used.


I already did it. I am working in my 3.0.0 version and this is screenshot from the snapshot:

It is saying that I required the update every time when it shouldn’t. Am I doing anything wrong ?


Yes. If you are developing 3.0.0 and don’t want the version to be installed there you have to either set “Maximum = 2.9.9” or “Equivalent = 3.0.0”. Although the Equivalent should really be the version that is included in the released version of the App.


Thanks @Sujan12 , Now it is working fine using your suggestion.