Ionic Deploy overwrites Store Update



I put an Update for my App to the iOS and Android Store, but the changes are not displayed as it is still using the old ionic deploy version. Any ideas how to deal with that situation? I would like to use ionic deploy only for breaking API changes and normally do store updates.



Ionic Deploy overwrites Store Update

You can define min and max binary versions that your snapshot should apply to in the UI of More here:

What do you mean by that? Please give more context.


Thanks for the quick reply.

I know about the min and max versions. I set the max version to 1.6.4 and the current update in the store is 1.7.2.
But if i install the app store update to an app version that got updated with ionic deploy before the javascript changes of 1.7.2 are not used - it seems the old deploy update is overwriting the app store update. If I uninstall the app and reinstall it from the store the changes are there.

Im using ionic deploy v 0.6.5 and this is happening on ios and android.


Could you please write a small “and then… and then… and then…” story of what happens chronologically and which version is when where and gets overwritten etc? I can’t wrap my head around your description right now. (Maybe the summer heat…) Thanks.


user has installed 1.5.0 from the store then i deployed 1.6.4 via ionic deploy to his tablet. Now i released 1.7.2 on the store but when the user downloads it, the user still sees 1.6.4 unless he deinstalls the app and installs it again from the store although the max app version for the active deploy is 1.6.4.

Is it clear now?


i could do a ionic deploy to 1.7.4 also, but then users will get an ionic deploy update also right after a fresh install and that is not nice for the UX


Does he really see it after first start after the update via the AppStore (should not happen!) or does it redownload the 1.6.4 again (can be avoided by the binary versions)?

If you set “equivaent binary” to 1.7.4 on that snapshot, it won’t be downloaded if the user has 1.7.4 installed on his device from the app store.


Yes he sees the v.1.6.4 even after the store update to 1.7.2 - 1.6.4 is not re-downloaded again as the max binary version is set. A colleague of me told me he doesnt see the new features after the update and i checked this and it is indeed the case.


But that is not really possible, as the whole app is overwritten on app store update. Something else has to be going on here.


yes its really strange, if i click on app store update the update is downloaded an installed then the app is started. But it is still running the version and the app store shows again that an update is available. If i do the update serveral times it is installed. I tried this on multiple devices. Maybe a problem with my build because i upgraded my cordova too and had to reset the state there, but I really don’t know. I did deploy many updates before to this app and never had this problem.

I could do an ionic deploy update to make sure everyone is getting the latest version. But i am not sure if is safe to deploy a cordova 6 app to devices currently running cordova 4. Do you happen to know if this can crash the apps?


Breaking the native AppStore update functionality would be something new… never heard about that.[quote=“jakob.p, post:10, topic:95132”]
Maybe a problem with my build because i upgraded my cordova too and had to reset the state there, but I really don’t know. I did deploy many updates before to this app and never had this problem.

Are you 1000% sure that this is what happening?
Do you have output of the native version and snapshot version in the app so you can confirm?
I know this sounds like me not believing you, but I had a similar problem once which cost me weeks and turned out to be a confusing mess of versions and bad feedback from C-level people :wink:

The current “app store” version should be available as a snapshot anyway, just for consistency.

That is difficult to answer. The cordova 4/6 stuff shouldn’t really be a problem, and can be tested locally with not much work. Fork the project, remove cordova and the platforms, readd the “old” version, see if it builds correctly.
What you should look out for are native changes: Additional plugins, other stuff in the native code that maybe changed and could cause the new snapshot to not work on the old native “container” any more.