What should I use to create a project with a local database for iOS and Android?

Hello, I want to develop an application for iOS and Android at the same time using Ionic and a local database such as sqlite, but I don’t know exactly what to use, React, Vue or Angular. Any ideas/tips?


it’s up to you and to what you feel comfortable,
I personally use Angular.

I have only used Ionic with Angular, but had it been my choice, I would go with React 100% of the time due to my comfort level with React and how easy it is to understand compared to Angular.

A couple of questions to consider:

  1. What web framework/library are you most familiar/comfortable with? Or are most likely to pursue learning? (Angular, Vue, or React?)

  2. Are you planning to work alone or with other developers on this project? Are the other developers new to Angular, React, or Vue? Do they have experience with any of them?

From a training standpoint, I feel that if I had to teach Angular or React to somebody, I would feel much more comfortable teaching them React as it’s much more straightforward and they could learn within 2 weeks, whereas with Angular, I’m still not quite sure what I’m doing is the best practice. Even after a year of professional experience using Angular, I still don’t feel quite comfortable with it as there’s just so much going on, especially with the concept of state management using Observables or RxJS. I know it enough to get things done, but it feels vast compared to React.