Native Ads (Admob)

Hy guys,
I’m doing an app and want to use Admob Native Ad, but the admob plugins don’t implement Native Ad yet, only Banner and Intersticial, someone have some workaround? I really don’t want a Banner or Intersticial, if I not find a way to use Native Ad I’m thinking to use Facebook Ad Network instead of Admob, but really prefer stay on Google/Firebase ecosystem…

Thank you guys

Whatin your opinion is a ‘native Ad’ ?

Native Ad is the Ad that is inserted between the app content with same appearance app content have, something like in Twitter App (tweet, tweet, tweet, AD, tweet, …). This offer a more well integrated to App and friendly Ad. I really think Banner and Interstitial is very intrusive to UX. On Facebook Dev page (Facebook Native Ad page) you can see some examples for well integrated Ads and contents.

Ok you’re right. This is indeed a way better Kind of ads. Sadly I don’t know anything like this. Sorry

I want this too… Native Ads