Can we create 'Native Ads' in ionic?


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I want to implement the native Ads in the ionic app. I have seen some native android apps which are using Native Ads to display Ads in the middle of the app content. I need the same functionality to display Ads in specific position of the app. Currently I am using google admob plugin for ads, I am able to create banner Ads and interstitial Ads but I need Ads in middle of content of the app.

is there any way to implement native ads in ionic?

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I did not find any solution for this can one help regarding this.@floatinghotpot @mhartington @nicraboy

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Hello there,
Have you found any answer for this?
I am looking for a solution too.



What did you try, did you only ask for people to give this to you?

If you want it in specific locations it just won’t work. iOnic is web-based, runs in iframe. So inside those pages you won’t put anything native unless you want to overlap the iframe and calculate the scroll which sounds horrible and prone to error. So no, not possible. Go for native instead in this case.


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I tried google admob ads using plugin :
and used createBanner method to create Ad banner with options(height,width), for setting position used showBannerAtXY(x, y) method to set at specified position. But it did not solve my requirement as Ad banner should move when user scrolls screen.

If we use above methods Ad banner will stick to that position it will not scroll with screen scroll.
I did not find how to create native ads using google admob.

@msegers @mattvig
My problem solved using facebook native ads, I found suitable plugin for my requirement to create native ads.

Here is the link for cordova facebook ads plugin :

More about facebook audience network :


Hello Harish,

Can you please share some code for Facebooks native_ads integration?
Banner/Interstitial implementation is easy.