What is the recommended admob plugin for ionic?

I’m just curious on what admob plugin people deem the best for ionic. I tried one but I had a bit of trouble with the keyboard-attach directive and it on ios.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @meatloaf4, I’m using this AdMob plugin and it works flawlessly.

This is still a valid option:

I really appreciate the suggestions! I actually have tried both of those options, but I am faced with wierd bug on the iOS where there is a gap left between my footer and keyboard for the advertising even though the advertising is not there.

Is there some way to fix this issue? Have either of you encountered it? I’m thinking if there was a way to dismiss the banner on certain pages it might fix the issue.

Your fill rate is probably low. I believe you can check one of the callbacks to see if it was filled then choose to hide if it was not

How I can add interstitial ads beside banner ads?