Show admob ad inside webview?


Currently I’m using the plugin to show ad mob interstitial ads in my application. Its awesome, and I much prop to all the hard work that was put into that.

So to the question: It seams like the standard of care for interstitial ads is to act like a popup and show above any content. Though in my case I’m building magazine type functionality for a client and he wants the ad to show like an ad on a magazine page and not a popup. The app Flipboard handles their ads like this.

Is there any way to load an ad inside a container in the webview? or possibly even an iframe that I can load in the page, to achieve more of the standard magazine type feel?


As far as I know, AdMob interstitials will always load in full screen, or at least take up the entire view. So the thing restricting you will be the advertiser’s / ad platform’s API, and not Ionic.

I believe there are native ad API’s out there that would let you do this, but most of them seem like they’re small startups since it’s such a new idea. It might be worth checking out AdsNative - have never used them, but their API seems to let you have more control over the ads.


Is not what are you looking for the banner view that this plugin offers? The ads stay at top or bottom (depending on your decision).


Yeah I figured that it was the case with interstitials.
Though AdsNative looking really interesting, going to mention to my client. I think thats more along the lines of what were trying to do.

I mean its kinda weird that you have to use a native sdk to request content thats ultimately just web some html tags. Also Interstitials act to much like popup ads but for mobile, and frankly are just annoying. hopefully I can get something with with the ads native folks.

Thanks for the advice!


This might help:


This might help you more: