Nasty Input in Modal Issue

Well I am really exhausted. I am trying to find an error which is extremely hard to locate.
It is about the input fields in a modal that stop accepting input from keyboard and behave really weird. Nightly 857.
To reproduce:

ionic start Proj blank

then add replace the www folder with this one. Theres an unmodified nightly 857 in the www.

cd Proj/
ionic platform add ios
ionic build ios

Then start the app in iOS simulator.
Click the dummy button Register.
Click in the “Password” field and type anything.
Click in the “Password repeat” field and type anything until the input field does not react anymore.
Now you will experience weird, non expected behavior.

Do you have any idea were that bug might be coming from or how it can be fixed?

EDIT: What I already know is that the bug disappears if the input fields in the modal, or the amount of binds in general, is reduced.

This should be fixed as of build 861, thanks for the report!

Confirmed to be fixed. Thank you very much.

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