Modal not working fine when the keyboard is show!


Hi, I got a problem, when I show a modal the first time is good (image1)

, but when I click on a text box and the keyboard is show, that wrong, all modal is blank (image2) , I hide the keyboard and click again on a text box , all work fine (image3) … but the first time this crash… How I fix it! please help me!


mentioned the same, but we restructured the ui to not have inputs in modals.


I know… so I add basic elements to do it!.. My code: …

script id=“my-modal.html” type=“text/ng-template”>
ion-modal-view style=“top: 1px!important; overflow:hidden!important;”>
h1 class=“title”>Modificacion de Nombres
form class=“list”>
label class=“item item-input”>
span class=“input-label”>Nombre:
input type=“text” placeholder="" ng-model=“name”>

        			label class="item item-input">
            			span class="input-label">Nombre En:</span>
            		input type="text" placeholder="" ng-model="nameEn">
        			button id="configuracion-button3" style="border-radius:111px 111px 111px 111px; margin-left:36%; width:21%;" class="button button-positive  button-block icon ion-ios-download-outline" ng-click="grabar()">Grabar</button>