Fixed -- Form Inputs on Modal are disabled on iOS, Ionic DevApp

Ignore this post. It ended up being my css. Fixed

I just upgraded from ionic 2.0.0 to 3.9.2 and have been working through the issues. One thing had me stumped: I couldn’t tap into form fields on modal pages and have the keyboard fire when running on a device, simulator or in the Ionic DevApp. It was if there was a magical transparent 100% by 100% div that was blocking my taps…and there was!

The fix was to override the .modal-wrapper class in variables.scss, and set it’s height to 0%.

But if I start a brand new project, add a page, open it as a modal, then it works as expected. So seems to have something to do with the upgrade. This too has the modal-wrapper class set, but it doesn’t prevent me from tapping on the form inputs.

I guess my question is, how to I fix the issue without adding the modal-wrapper fix? Why would it be working in a brand new project and not in my upgraded project?

I am stumped.

many thx


Seems I covered the modal with this css…

.content, .content-ios, .content-md {
  height: 100vh;
  position: absolute;