Modal with 0.9.22


I have a strange issue with the latest Ionic build : when a modal opens, the keyboard is visible (I have input in my modal, previously the keyboard stau hidden until I focus an input) but if I close the modal without doing anything the keyboard stay visible (and broke the original page design).

I wonder if this is a bug or nomal ?

PS : thx for awesome work and sorry for my bad English :blush:


I forgot to mention that I test on iOS simulator and this appears when I have focused an input on modal previously and reopen it.

Would you mind posting a Codepen or Plunkr of your code? Just to see if this is a bug or not before we open an issue for it :smile:

It’s possible, but the problem appears only on the iOS simulator when I open a modal with inputs, the keyboard pop and does not disappear when I close the modal.