My Ionic App restarts at Random on Android version 6.0


Hi Team,

I recently noticed my ionic app restarts at random on some certain android devices.

Has anyone experienced this before or has any pointers to things I should zero in and check.

Build Versions
Cordova 6.3.1
Cordova Android 5.2.1
NodeJs 4.4.3
Target API Level : 23. I have also tried 25



I have similar problem on Ionic 3 …


Are you able to reproduce this yourself? I’d try and see if there are some similarities that trigger a restart, such as displaying too many images at once, which can overwhelm the device.

Also, you can integrate a framework such as Fabric & Crashlytics which should help you dig in to see what prompted the restart.


Thanks! Fabric seems to only support Native development. I can’t seem to get past the onboarding screens because there is no option for cross platforms. Just ios, android and Unity


Can you suggest any other frameworks that can capture these details?


The link I shared is for a Fabric Cordova plugin and I have implemented it in a few of my own hybrid apps. It can take a little configuring, but that is the plugin I use.

Have you tried setting it up? Any errors?