Ionic + Camera Plugin on Android 6 - Activity restarts to splash


I have a Ionic 1 app using the cordova camera plugin. Everything works fine on iOS and many android versions. On an android 6 device, when the camera pops up, the activity is destroyed. The docs from the cordova camera plugin states that, in these cases the result will be sent via onResume event. I already got the result there but my app doesn’t resume to the screen I was, but restarts from the begining on splash.

Any way to restore the state to where the app was?

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same here - did you find any solution?

Hi! I’m quite new to Ionic and Cordova, but I read in the documentation of Cordova that this might happen [1]. Could this be the reason?


Has anyone successfully implemented the workaround? When I tried the resume function is not called after app is reloaded.

Anyone found solution for same problem??