Has anyone tried Crashlytics plugins?

Hi I am looking for a crash analytics tool. I was using crashlytics in native platform, but I don’t know if the crashlytics cordova plugins are mature enough. Do you know any alternative for Ionic Framework, or any experience with Crashlytics on Ionic ?

Hi @cenk, did you manage to include crashlytics? I think there are several good options for cordova out there but I still need to test them…This guy says it’s pretty straightforward but he doesn’t provide an example…

Hey guys. I’ll try and get a blog post with a detailed example on my blog soon, will keep you posted :smile:

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Thanks ghadeer, waiting.

Hey @cenk, did you manage to add fabric? this guy posted a tut few days ago…

Hey guys. I just published this article on android integration with Crashlytics/Fabric: http://www.ghadeerrahhal.com/ionic-crashlytics-android-integration/

Sorry it took so long, I just wrapped up a project that I was working on. Hope it helps

We are using Errorception, it’s successful when it comes to javascript errors, i hope it helps others.

Hello there

  1. Your ionic project is registered with Frabic.

This is the only issue I’m having, and have no clue how to get this to work without making a fake project in native android.
Maybe you could write a tut on that since the other is all pretty obvious.


To use the plugin, you need your project registered with Fabric. To generate the android source code from your ionic project you need to run

ionic platform add android

Yeah that’s pretty basic knowledge, but the entire point of my question was “how to register the project with fabric”.

It’s pretty hard to get that step done with cordova, right now I made a native dummy app and registered that one so I can just upload my apk’s.

To register your project with Fabric I followed these instructions.

If you already haven’t done so you need to setup your Fabric.io account and get your API Key and Build Secret from your organization page. Then do something like this to configure the Fabric plugin with Cordova.

$ cordova plugin add cordova-fabric-plugin --variable FABRIC_API_KEY=XXX --variable FABRIC_API_SECRET=xxx

I had a little bit of a problem with Ionic2 and Fabric. The solution I described here:

Hope this helps.