Ionic 6 - angular 14 - capacitor 4 - target android 5.1.1

Hello everyone.
First, I would like to thank you all for the amazing contributions you guys do.

I am new to the ionic world and I am developing an app that uses ionic 6, angular 14 and capacitor 4.
I am using storage (preferences), geolocation and network plugins.
The app works well in android version 9 and up, but I need to tackle android 5.1.1 devices.

Is this setup realistic?, any ideas or strategies to get android 5.1.1 working?
I have tried cordova plugins with no positive results, maybe downgrading to older versions would be a good strategy?. I need the app to be secure, does that downgrading have a major impact on the security of the app?

I have been looking around for answers with no luck, as I have not found recent topics about targeting android 5.1.1. Any ideas welcome, I am just looking for some guidance to know where to start.

Thank for you all for your time.

Capacitor 4 supports Android 5.1+, you don’t have to do anything, it just works.

Thank you very much for your answer julio, quite encouraging.
The android web view version is 46, I have been reading that might be necessary to have a minimum version on this.
Could it be an android manifest issue?
I am doing bare minimum test apps and they do not work either, just blank screen.

Angular 13+ only work on new chrome versions (by default), so WebView 46 is very very old and you won’t be able to run Angular 13+ apps in there.

You can change the compile target to es5 as explained here, that should allow your angular app to run on older devices.
But note that Capacitor requires WebView 60 or newer, it could even work on WebView 55, but not older, so you won’t be able to test on some old emulators, but it should work on old devices as long as they have the System WebView package up to date.

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thank you again for your help julio, i will look into updating the system webview and see how it goes