I Built a fully functional offline Music player with ionic 4

Hello everyone, I built a fully functional offline Music app with Ionic 4/Angular 8 (Couldn’t use ionic 5 as I had gone too far by the time it was fully released). This app is truly fully functional with support for audio id3 tags and album art all of which is processed locally on the device since this is dealing with locally stored files, it supports almost all files including lossless FLACS and 3d audio effect, file sharing etc. while featuring a unique neumorphic UI.
I also added support for external memory cards which is not normally supported by the files plugin and the initial saving of the scanned music data is partly handled by a background thread via webworkers since saving to database crashes on some devices with a ton of music files.
As an ionic enthusiast, I just want people to know that such apps are possible on ionic since there seems to be scarcity of materials on the topic so I wasn’t entirely sure it was possible until I built it.

Lastly, it is free and without ads, current version is 0.93.

Check it out on Playstore